Customise RD Web Page (RDS Server 2012 / 2012 R2)

This article will show how you can customise the RDWeb page for the RDS Server.

Default RD Web Page

 The following is the default rdweb page:

Default RD Web Page

Default RD Web Page

Redirect RDWeb page

The following are the instructions on how to redirect the main page to rdweb (i.e. use instead of

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Navigate to Default Web Site > >> HTTP Redirect
HTTP Redirect (IIS)

HTTP Redirect (IIS)

Disable Domain Name Login Requirement

 Modify labels on RDweb page

Labels on RDweb

Labels on RDweb

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages\en-US
  • Open login.aspx with notepad
  • On 19th line modify the following line:

                const string L_DomainUserNameLabel_Text = “Domain\\User name:”;  to
                const string L_DomainUserNameLabel_Text = “User name:”;

Assign Default Domain

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages
  • Open webscripts-domain.js with notepad
  • On 7th line modify the following:

                   var strDomainUserName = null; to
                   var strDomainUserName = “contoso”;

  • On line 75 insert the following:

                    if ( -1 == strDomainUserName.indexOf(“\\”) )
                   if ( -1 == strDomainUserName.indexOf(“@”) )
                  strDomainUserName = strDomainName+”\\”+strDomainUserName;

It should be as in following Figure:



Customise “RD Web Access” Title

  • On the RDS Server navigate to C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages\en-US
  • Open RDWAStrings.xml file with Notepad
  • Modify 3 line <string id=”PageTitle”>RD Web Access</string> to <string id=”PageTitle”>Company Web Access</string>
“RD Web Access” Title

“RD Web Access” Title



2 thoughts on “Customise RD Web Page (RDS Server 2012 / 2012 R2)

  1. Jessy Pyo

    Hello, i’ve done your solution but it still happens to show me “domain\user name” when i login.
    I did iisreset after settings.
    Can you please recommend to do more?


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